Fame as a Conceptual framework.

27 Nov

Throughout the past few class we have been viewing different types of art work based off of what people in society consider a celebrity. We focused on pop culture artwork from people like Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton, etc. The real question about this all is What exactly the purpose these people being worshipped the way they are or considered as role models in many eyes. Those question have always stayed in my head.

What is Fame?

According to google Fame is the condition of being known or talked about by many people especially on account of notable achievements. This definition has been altered in many ways from what society considers famous.What is a Celebrity?The definition given is a famous person. Not much to that definition whatsoever!!!

   This picture is a photo of Paris Hilton. In my eyes she is not considered a famous person as far as her accomplishments. She is merely a socialite, someone who simply became famous based off of who she was a related to. She would have not had the opportunities of being in the “celebrity” lifestyle if it wasn’t for her great grandfather. She has had a bad reputation from the start.

   This is also Paris Hilton but a sculpture its called “autopsy of Paris Hilton” you can literally take her apart. in her left hand you see that she has the phone in her hand. The story is that she died in a car accident. in one hand she has a cell phone in the other she has a glass of wine. Which pretty those objects itself shows what type of person she was and those things placed in her had is the two things she always had. Like I said to me she is not a famous, maybe more a celebrity. If fame is based off of her accomplishments then she is not that.

Anyone I do believe can be famous. Based of accomplishments and things you do and apparently sometimes who you know can put you in the type of light.

When it comes to videos on youtube, or rappers who can me very terrible by the way, depending on the amount of views or publicity on the radio can definitely influence how famous or well- known you are or can be.

For example Kim Kardashian and Soulja boy. There is no way they would have made it as celebrities 2 or more decades ago. It is becoming ridiculous who and how you can become famous. Like the definition given earlier, that definition for fame is slowly becoming irrelevant to the “celebrities” who are relevant at this day and age.

    Depending on how long you have been around and what type of influence the celebrity had on society for example Michael Jackson He has not died!!!! Physically yes, but musically and even in documentaries and films, he has made such a huge impact on the world in so many different. Despite his faults he still held up a good reputation with what he was good at music.

When you have a bad reputation is when you celebrity life is at its peek.

Of course everyone know who Lindsay Lohan is. She was once a disney channel star and she was well known but not always talked about. The second she began to fall off with drugs and and other stupid decisions is when she became famous. Pretty much by her stupid decisions. This is definitely a drawback with being a celebrity, although the success is nice and the financial side is great but sometimes celebrities go crazy with the amount of money they have a definitely take advantage of and run their lives into the ground. With drugs, sex scandals, and drinking and driving, those can change celebrity reputation and status, but it DEFINITELY makes you more alive in society when there is a negative outlook rather than positive

Religion as Conceptual Framework

20 Nov

For the past few weeks our class has been working on the controversies of different forms of artwork and what they mean and there purpose of being created.


This picture above shows a very controversial piece of artwork and its name is “My sweet Lord” and the artist who created this his name is Cavallaro. We watched and observe a video of him explaining why he created it and his reasons behind stood no purpose whatsoever. The purpose our class came up with is that it could be a symbol of the Eucharist. In Catholicism at mass they eat the “body and blood” of christ. This sculpture is simply showing what the actual body of christ and it is also made out of chocolate. 

The purpose of me putting this image is simply to show that people can get different outlooks out of these images. our assignment was to take photos of things that signify religion in different types of view whether it is Affirmative, Critical or Neutral.


with this photo it can represent affirmative as well as neutral. Affirmative is an image that affirms religion as a positive social convention that leads to the betterment of humanity and eventual spiritual salvation. This photo shows all of those aspects expressing the positive outlook of religion. This is a Catholic church where this picture was taken and it gives you a very warm feeling. I am not catholic nor religious whatsoever but it gives me the welcoming feeling when I walk in. It could also be considered neutral as well and the meaning for this is an image that depicts a religious without affirming or critiquing religion. it is not critiquing religion at all. At the end of it all it is up to the audience or whoever views this blog to depicts what they think it means.


This picture depicts neutrality which like I said about the other picture is that it is a image that depicts a religious subject without affirming or critiquing. It shows that it is representing a sight of religion yet you do not have to be religious to receive holy water. 


This photo shows a cross with a rainbow flag in the background. This show critical framework which is an image that critiques religion from a social or political point-of-view. Society connects a rainbow flag with homosexuality. There has always been controversy with religion and homosexuality. Im pretty sure there will be a mixed opinion and view on what is being viewed here so of course I will leave it open for my audience to leave comments on how they feel or think of what they believe this photo is saying.

This also actually a Cusco, city of Peru flag so that may also give other people another point of view on how to look at this photo as well. With the cross being main focus it could say “homosexuals believe in God”, God judges no one, or people believe in God all around the world. It depends on how you look at things.

Conceptual Framework; Race

11 Oct

In my visual Literacy class for the past week we as students were able to look at art work in a different view and that is race. Art and race have always been controversal so why not put them together and see what comes of it. We also had to talk about Race and its position of power in some of the art work we were able to translate and interpret. One of the Artist that we studied goes by the name of Kara Walker. She is a contemporary African American artist who explores race, gender, sexuality, violence, and identity. In my point of you like I said before VERY controversal!!! Kara Walker is best known for her room- size tableaux of black cut paper.

     “I was looking at racist paraphernalia, iconography, and then at these accurate versions of middle-class Americans. I began to associate the silhouette itself, the cutting, with a form of blackface minstrelsy. Here we have these mainly white sitters or a few slaves who were documented in silhouette- but for the most part white sitters whom I identify as middle class because upper class would require a full-fledged oil portrait and that’s what I had already ruled out for myself…’No oil painting here, not going to ape the master that way.’”

                                     Kara Walker

This artwork is an example of what was being explained about Kara’s artwork and its position of power. it is called “Untitled (Hunting Scenes)”. This artwork can post alot of meaning. In the United States it is embedded in us growing up to have certain outlooks on how someone’s facial features are to look like. With this art work looking at it, people will automatically assume what race another person is just simply because of the silhouettes. It is crazy to know that even not coming out and painting a “white person” or “black person” society has a way of labeling someone regardless of what you see there is always some type of way. The position of power in this painting is really hard to say. It represents slavery and you have the “master of the slaves” with “black heads” and  vice versa. Because of history people know that the master is in charge and has the power. looking at this piece of art definitely challanges that. It something for you all to look at and find meaning it also take a step back on how you stereotype others not judgning a book by its cover and already putting a label to what is being seen even if its not clear.

Another artist that we discussed in My visual Literacy class would be Kehindle Wiley. He is a painter best known for his naturalistic portraits of African Americanin heroic poses. Another way of explaining stereotypes and controversal topics.

The art piece above is apart of a art project which is called pose and pass. He has multiple paintings in different forms just like this one. This is mimicking saints and people of power of the early 19th and late 18th centuries. This is another thing of not judging a book by its cover. Because of what he has on society is brought to believe that the man in the painting is up to no good. He is also posed as a saint which is someone with position of power. This painting is saying that although he has on “street clothes” does not say that he isnt eduacted, or successful. In class there was an example used of a successful man named Russel Simmons. He wears clothes just like what you see above and that is all he wears, he is very successful with his own clothing and other different branches of work. Which goes to show DO NOT JUDGE ANYONE!!! You never know what they can be or are capable of!



20 Sep



This picture can have so many different meaning… I tried to let my audience/ viewers portray what they think it means with the name of the object being called “takeover” and the what i meant by that by looking at the object. It can be taken in may different context…for instance a girl trapped in a mans body. and the the reason why i chose this photo was to give people a different outlook on what it is that they are looking at hence the class that i am currently taking which is visual literacy.


I figured people will enjoy the thoughts that they come up with, with looking at this photo. Even when I look at it i can come up with at least 5 different meanings. Also comparing and attempting to do something like what Duchamp did like with his urinal readymade, i figured this could be altered as well. 

The idea that was given to the barbie was kind of a perfect life type of theme…kind of like keeping up with the jones’ i think giving this point of view posted here will give a whole new light on people’s train of thought



The Art of Seeing

3 Sep

Welcome to my blog!! My name is Hadiyyah Blake and I am currently a senior at Holy Cross college. I am majoring in communications with a minor in marketing and global perspectives. I have a huge passion for Music, everything I do revolves around music. The way I think and certain things I do are behind the art of music. The reason for me signing up for this class is to be able to explore other sources of art and different ways of looking at things. I believe it will help in anything that i decide to do in life. This class will give more than one point of view. Not just from my classmates but anyone as bloggers.

This is my first blog ever, so I am not to sure of how things work on blogs. I think this will be very interesting to explore on other peoples blog and something to my interest. I have always been open to new experience, so blogging will be a very different yet fun thing to do on a weekly basis.

The Visual Literacy Course that I am enrolled helps you have a different look on things that you are looking at. It makes you read the painting and or picture that is in front of you. It is the ability to find meaning and negotiate it. Being able to understand art and respect it



3 Sep


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